Qualifications and Courses completed:

BSc Strength and Conditioning Science, First Class Hons (May 2014)

UKSCA accreditted strength and conditioning coach (ASCC)

NSCA accredited strength and conditioning coach (CSCS)

British Weightlifting level 2 Club coach (BWL Level 2)

British Weightlifting Technical officials licence

British Weightlifting level one assistant coach (BWL Level 1)

FRCms Level 1 (Functional Anatomy Seminars)

PICP Levels 1, 2 and 3 courses 

Poliquin weightlifting workshop 

Poliquin Biosignature course (no longer registered as practitioner)

Poliquins instant muscle strengthening techniques course (PIMST)

Level 3 personal training from Future Fit Training Ltd

Nutrition and weight management from Future Fit Training Ltd

First Aid at work and Basic life support

"I have always fancied myself as an athlete but was fully aware from a young age it wasn't going to pay my bills - I'm just not good enough at any one thing! I do however, love training and the feeling of working towards a goal bigger than myself and an aesthetic outcome. I want my body to be capable of above average things and that drives me to train and work hard." - Alex

My mission is to raise the standard of personal training and provide everyone who needs it with proper, scientifically sound S&C. Whether that is in-person, online, or through my informational products, I aim to make strength an accessible and attainable goal for everyone.

Having worked in personal training for over a decade, I have endeavoured to continue increasing my skill base and knowledge. This site is a platform for me to share some of that with you.
I've travelled to Ireland, Sweden, America, and New Zealand to learn from industry leaders and top athletes. I developed a love for all things training in my early teens and can't imagine life without a training goal. Now working full time alongside physiotherapists I provide performance based training and late stage injury rehabilitation. 


Meet the coach

Alex Adams - AASC



"I would recommend Alex to anyone wanting to improve their power, strength, fitness or conditioning."

"I would recommend Alex to anyone as his passion for performance and improvement is infectious and inspiring."

"Anyone who wants to achieve a sporting or fitness dream should train with Alex, just not when I am please, I still have some titles to win."


I can be found at a couple of central London locations. If you need help assessing, programming or coaching contact me here:

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CrossFit Central London,
Arch 56/57 Ewer Street

You can find my advice and opinions for free as a contributor to Complete Endurance Running

PerformancePro London

33 Great Titchfield Street

London, W1W 7PA