S&C Jargon buster!

Even the title has an acronym. Sport science seems to love abbreviating and creating a language that only 'we' understand. Not anymore! In an age of OMG's and SMH's I thought maybe you'd like some clarity.

Here are some of the most commonly used so that you can make sense of not only my programming but also the entire site content. If something's missing drop me an email!


DB = Dumbbell

BB = Barbell

KB = Kettle Bell

SL = Single leg

SA = Single arm

EL = each leg

EA = each arm


FFE = Front foot elevated

RFE = Rear foot elevated

NG = Neutral grip

CG = Close grip

WG = Wide grip


RDL = Romanian deadlift

SS = Split squat

OHP = Overhead press

OHS = Overhead squat

BNP = Behind neck press

SN = Snatch

CL = Clean

JK = Jerk

BP = Bench press

CMJ = Counter movement jump

SJ = Squat jump

DJ = Depth jump (or drop jump!)

Now you know what a RFE DB SS is. That doesn't mean you know how to do it...yet.

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