UPDATE! 2019 so far...

If you're noticing the hiatus then you're probably;

A) my mother (who I do call more than I update this blog, I promise)

or B) looking at the dates of posts and wondering why such a big time lapse between posts.

Either way here's a quick update on what happened in 2018 and why that meant lots of changes. On a personal note, 2018 and now 2019 are the most significant years to date. I got married (...twice. I'll explain later) and am now only two weeks away from the birth of my first baby. On a professional level, I have also gone through some large changes. Changes that mean I now have 3 roles instead of 2, and work out of 4 locations.

On getting married twice: My lucky wife hails from New Zealand (Nu Zilund in the native tongue) and we decided to have one formal and official wedding here in the UK before a less formal and only semi-official ceremony there. They couldn't have been more different but both memorable and wonderful in their own ways. The UK lived up to its reputation and pissed down most of the day, but considering it was early February this wasn't a shock. An amazing, rural winter wedding was exactly what we were after. This was made easier knowing our UK winter is NZ summer, so we left a couple of weeks later and did a hot, sandy beach wedding all over again. She got two amazing dresses, I got to wear shorts to my wedding. Perfect all round.

We honeymooned in Fiji. Yes it was as good as that sounds. Happily ever after began pretty bloody well.

Fast forward to present day and we are now expecting our first baby (keeping the gender a surprise) in around two weeks. If she/he arrives on time of course.

The in-betweeny bit is where some incredible work stuff happened. Some great friends (even greater now) got in touch to tell me they were opening a gym - a BIG GYM. A Crossfit box big enough and willing enough to house its own olympic weightlifting club. They had barely finished their sentence when I proclaimed "OK I'M IN!". At least that's how I remember it.

I am know the very lucky and proud head coach of P10 Weightlifting. The gym is P10 Fitness / Crossfit Elephant & Castle (see what we did there?). P10 stands for the 'power of 10' - a mantra used in Crossfit to describe the many fascicles of physical fitness and prowess. The club runs on a programme written by me and allows for 90 minute sessions 4 days per week. We also run beginners sessions for those new to the sport and allow guests to come in and experience our programming and facility. It feels like home already.

We are now 3/4 months into opening and already going from strength to strength, quite literally. The team of amateur and aspiring weightlifters - it really is a team despite being a truly individual sport - are progressing well and seem to be genuinely enjoying doing so. Training is hard and legs are sore but it is all in the endless pursuit of bigger and bigger lifts. Which is, of course, all anyone cares about right?

These days I can be found in Elephant & Castle, lifting weights, teaching others how to lift weights, writing about lifting weights and watching weightlifting. The odd break in the aforementioned lifting means I will be in Oxford Circus, lifting weights...

So you can now see why there was a gap in posts. One I hope to be the last but who knows what fatherhood has is store for me. To all the dads, new and old, who manage to still train and lift; I salute you and fall neatly into your ranks.

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